BoneWelding® Technology

BoneWelding® technology sets a new and superior standard for tissue regeneration: superior primary stability due to immediate bonding with the bone, less invasive implant fixation and reduced surgical time. It offers excellent anchoring even in absence of cortical bone. The BoneWelding® process employs gentle ultrasonic energy to induce controlled melting of pre-defined, polymeric implant components.

Minimal thermal impact on the bone

The thermal impact on the bone is minimal. The short ultrasonic impulse and the localized melting of the polymer do not disturb bone healing or osseointegration. Temperatures measured at the interface between bone and polymer rise by less than 10 °C and only for a few seconds.

No bone resorption at the spot
of maximum temperature exposure

Studies in sheep with follow-ups of up to 1 year have proven that this has no negative impact on bone remodeling and repair. Histologies show no increase in inflammatory reactions due to the ultrasonic insertion methods and the melting of the polymer.

Degradation of BoneWelding® Pin: only minimal inflammatory reaction during the degradation process without fibrous tissue formation at the bone-polymer interface

BoneWelding® technology is valuable for patients, veterinary professionals and the entire veterinary healthcare system. It improves patient outcomes while reducing the cost of delivering those outcomes. It promises to set a new and superior standard in animal bone healing.

BoneWelding® scientific publications


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