Bagheera - European Shorthair

A Weldix® caudal CL stabilization gives Bagheera her freedom back

BreedEuropean Shorthair
Date of BirthApril 01, 2011
Injury treated
with Weldix®

Stifle joint disruption: Left hindlimb Cranial and caudal cruciate ligament tear

Surgical Treatment:Cranial CL lateral suture technique and caudal CL suture anchor repair

One VetWelding® Weldix® with a
0 Prolene® and 0 FiberWire® lateral suture

SurgeonDr. Riccarda Schuenemann,
Small Animal Hospital
Sattledt, Austria

Nine-year-old European shorthair cat Bagheera loves running free outdoors near her home in Sattledt, Austria. But after one excursion in late 2019, her owner noticed that Bagheera’s left hindlimb was lame. It quickly became clear that Bagheera suffered a major injury to her stifle joint. Both her cranial and caudal cruciate ligaments were torn.

In the skilful hands of veterinary surgeon Dr. Riccarda Schuenemann, the stifle was stabilized using two different surgical techniques. The caudal cruciate ligament was stabilized by placing a Weldix® 2.3mm Suture Anchor medially in the tibia on the most caudal point close to the joint. The anchored size 0 Prolene® suture was passed through the patella ligament and thereafter fixed directly under the patella. A lateral suture technique was used for the cranial cruciate ligament where a prosthetic suture, in this case size 0 FiberWire®, was placed around the lateral fabella and through a bore hole drilled across the tibial tuberosity.

A few months after surgery, we can confirm Bagheera’s recovery went well and she is running around outdoors again “like it never happened”.

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