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A Weldix® stifle MCL repair helps a frisky puppy play again

Breed: Flat Coated Mix
Date of birth:January 24, 2019        
Injury treated
with Weldix®:
Ruptured medial collateral ligament in combination with a proximal Salter Harris fracture of the right stifle
Surgical Treatment:  Repair of Medial collateral ligament using BoneWelding® technology in addition to repair of the Salter Harris fracture with pins
Product: One VetWelding® Weldix® 2.3mm Suture Anchor, in combination with a Prolene® 2/0 suture
Surgeon: Dr. Riccarda Schuenemann,
Small Animal Hospital
Sattledt, Austria

Elli the black flat-coated retriever mix was not even a year old when she was hit by a car. It was Elli’s right hindlimb that was injured in the car crash. She suffered both a salter harris fracture of the proximal tibia and a ruptured medial collateral ligament. Surgery was needed to allow Elli to walk again.

Dr. Riccarda Schuenemann performed the surgery, fixing the Salter Harris type I fracture with two 1.6mm pins both medial and lateral in the tibia. The medial collateral ligament was repaired by placing a Weldix® 2.3mm anchor proximally in the tibia then the ligament was attached with a locking-loop suture of a Prolene® 2/0 suture bridging the 5mm to the bone. The ligament residues were further supported by a Monoplus® 3/0 suture.

After 8 weeks of recovery and without any complications Elli’s right hindlimb is showing no sign of lameness. We are very happy to see that Elli has completely recovered from her injury and is happily running around just like she did before her injury!

Xrays of Elli's Stifle

  • Elli´s stifle before surgery

  • Elli´s stifle directly after surgery

  • Elli´s stifle 8 weeks after surgery

  • Elli´s stifle front 8 weeks after surgery

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