Flocke - European Shorthair

A Weldix® tarsal MCL repair helps Flocke walk again

BreedEuropean Shorthair
Date of BirthMarch 06, 2016          
Injury treated
with Weldix®
Left hind limb: 
Ruptured tarsal medial
collateral ligament
Surgical Treatment:Medial ligament
replacement using
BoneWelding® technology
Product2 VetWelding® Weldix®
2.3mm Suture Anchors
and Prolene® 0 suture
SurgeonDr. Riccarda Schuenemann,
Small Animal Hospital
Sattledt, Austria

This snow-white European shorthair has a unique look and personality—her owners named her “Flocke” after the German word for snowflake. She’s very lucky to have recovered from a serious injury that happened to her in March 2018, at the age of two.

Flocke only had one hind limb left, since her right hind limb had been amputated before, and now, her left tarsal medial collateral ligament was ruptured. If she was to have any hope of a normal life, surgery was needed. Dr. Riccarda Schuenemann foresaw that with the right surgery a functional recovery was possible, so with the owner’s consent she replaced the ligament, using two VetWelding® Weldix® 2.3mm anchors in combination with a Prolene® USP 0 suture.

Flocke responded superbly. Within three weeks of the surgery she was moving around well on her surgically repaired leg, and after 6 week of recovery she was back to her normal routine, playing at her home on an Austrian farm.

Video of Flocke after recovery

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