BoneWelder® Vet – Ultrasonic Device

Product Overview

A BoneWelding® ultrasonic generator and handpiece supply direct and control the ultrasonic energy needed for BoneWelding® implants. The BoneWelder® Vet ultrasonic generator and handpiece are designed for VetWelding® implants, such as Weldix® 2.3 Suture Anchors. 

Auxiliary Tools

Handpiece and Sonotrode 

The sonotrode (handpiece tip) is mounted on the handpiece. It transmits ultrasonic energy to the BoneWelding® implants.


The wrench helps you to mount the sonotrode properly on the handpiece. A tight connection is necessary to transfer ultrasonic energy into the implant.


Weldix® – The revolutionary ultrasonic micro-suture anchor

Providing excellent anchorage – even without cortical bone.

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