Individualized Solutions

Product Overview

Bring personalized medicine to the realm of veterinary orthopedics. Make surgery perfect with customized planning, patient-specific implants and individualized surgical guides. To support surgeons performing challenging surgeries in a shorter timeframe with better patient outcomes, VetWelding AG offers personalized services based on individual patient data:

  • 3D surgical planning
  • Patient-specific implants
  • Surgical guides (drilling and sawing locations)
  • Anatomical models

Our VetWelding® team works together with the surgeon to overcome uncertainties and develop a treatment plan. Our lead times are case-specific but an average case takes between 6-11 days from upload of CT data until implants are ready for surgery in your clinic. VetWelding® implants are available in a wide range of materials: titanium and PEEK. 


In a 7-step process we go from CT data to custom-built implants, surgical guides and an anatomical model:


The advantages of BoneWelding® technology

BoneWelding® technology sets a new and superior standard for tissue regeneration: superior primary stability due to immediate bonding with the bone, less invasive implant fixation and reduced surgical time. 

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